Lodging in Spain

Lodging in Spain


From October 15-22, myself and two friends will be traveling across 6 cities in Spain, exploring this beautiful country and connecting with people as we encounter them. The purpose of this portion of the trip is primarily to rest and enjoy the presence of God and each other, but we also feel expectant about the people God will bring into our path in Spain. I am fluent in Spanish, and have had a love for Spanish-speaking nations since I lived in Venezuela as a child. I look forward to bringing this language skill into play as we seek God’s purposes for our time in Spain.

Here’s our itinerary for Spain + Associated Lodging Costs:

  • October 15 — Bilbao, Spain — complimentary stay with a friend

  • October 16 — Gorbea, Spain — $30 hostel stay

  • October 17 — Madrid, Spain — $40 Airbnb

  • October 18 — Seville, Spain — $25 hostel stay

  • October 19-20 — Cordoba, Spain — $50 Airbnb (2 nights)

  • October 20 — Ronda, Spain — $45 Airbnb

  • October 21 — Barcelona, Spain — $60 Airbnb

Our total cost of lodging is around $250. Your contribution to this need would be applied directly to lodging costs in Spain.

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