I had the privilege of joining the Sock Club team in a pivotal growth period, as the 6th member of the team which grew to over 20 in my two-year tenure. Though I originally interviewed to be a designer, I was brought on to be the first-ever brand manager, serving as a pioneer at a critical time for the brand. As a one-woman department handling all things marketing and creative, I had an array of experiences and opportunities.


Creative Direction, Content creation + Social media

Upon my arrival on the Sock Club team, social media and content was not a priority for the brand. A large part of the strategy I devised surrounded building out a strong visual brand, given the visual nature of the products. I put together regular photoshoots, building out a library of over 10,000 brand photos for social media, web properties, and all promotional materials, as well as an evergreen brand story video that has been used for years. I coordinated, styled, location-scouted, shot and edited all of the photos, and subsequently, managed all digital channels for the brand, including copywriting, scheduling and curating, and community management.

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Web Design

Throughout my tenure at Sock Club, we redesigned all four main web properties for the brand to improve user experience, site conversion, and brand storytelling. I served as the visionary, web designer and project manager, designing each site from top to bottom, including wireframing, outlining information architecture and user experience, copywriting, site design, and shooting all photos for the site. These sites were all designed in Sketch, and then I collaborated with our in-house dev team to bring them to life.

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