About Melissa

A multi-faceted creative, Melissa is an artist at heart, with a breadth and depth of experiences, both personally and professionally. Her passion for seeing the potential within people and ideas come to fruition drives her to make meaningful connections and pursue growth at all costs.

With creative experience in graphic and web design, art direction, copywriting, branding, marketing, all things social media, coaching + consulting, photography, public relations, and music, she considers herself a ‘unicorn’ (or maybe just crazy gal) who is only satisfied when she’s working on multiple projects at once.

Hailing originally from Ames, Iowa, she made her way to Austin, Texas where she is currently based, by way of College Station (gig 'em). Melissa's got a Bachelor's in Marketing from Texas A&M University and a Master's in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin (Texas Creative grad).

Current projects include sharing her perspective through this blog, building her very own creative agency from the ground up, and honing her musical skills as a worship leader + musician, but formerly, she founded Songs in the Sitting Room, and served as Creative Brand Manager at Sock Club.