Sock Club

Marketing  |  Creative Direction  |  Strategy  |  Social Media |  Photography |  Web + Graphic Design

Sock Club is a monthly sock subscription service, delivering quality American-made socks to sock fanatics globally.
As Creative Brand Manager, I helped build the Custom by Sock Club brand, elevate the look, feel, and voice of Sock Club's original brand, built a visual library by shooting over 10,000 on-brand photos, and grew the brand's social media communities by over 350%. Additionally, I allocated over $100k in media buys, managed all relationships with media vendors, redesigned every digital property, directed all strategic marketing decisions, ran the email marketing program, created all blog and brand content, and served as the brand's representative to the public.


Web Design

Within one-year on the Sock Club team, I completed four web design projects, completely overhauling all of the digital properties of the brand, including the main Sock Club website, the Custom by Sock Club website, the Sock Club Blog, and the entire interface and user experience of the customer account page. My role on all of these projects was multi-faceted: I assessed and strategically updated the user experience, designed every interface element and page from scratch using Sketch, shot all of the photos, and wrote all of the content.


Custom by Sock Club Website

Sock Club Main Website

Member Account Page

Sock Club Blog



Graphic Design  |  Strategy  |  Public Service Advertising

The annual One Show Young Ones Competition is one of the most acclaimed advertising and design student competitions.
The 2015 brief invited students to take a stance about kids and technology and make a statement creatively.
By partnering with the National Association for Children + Safe Technology in this 3-piece poster series, we aim to capture the
attention of parents and equip them as they help their children enjoy technology safely, with a little help from Mom and Dad.


Art Direction, Copywriting, Concept, Design by Melissa Huisman
Co-Designed and Co-Concepted with help from Michal Krikorian


ONE Step to blue

 Logo + Brand Design  |  Brand Consulting + Development  |  Web + UX Design

This freelance client approached me with a big idea, a whole lot of vision, a bit of written content, and zero clue how to pull it all together. So we spent one month talking on the phone – a lot. In that phase, we developed the idea, talked about content, dreamt about the future of the project, and created the brand itself: One Step to Blue. From there, I developed a visual identity and digital home for this brand. The challenge? To evoke feelings of restfulness and peace in the design and website experience itself.


The Design Process:
Logo + Web Design


The Final Product

Live website found at


This project was completed in collaboration with a freelance design client.
All work was done by Melissa Huisman.



Photography  |  Creative Direction  |  Typography



Creative Direction  |  Branding  |  Graphic Design



Strategy  |  Project Management  |  Graphic Design  |  Creative Direction

A strategic campaign developed for Carma Carpooling to help the client reach critical mass
in Austin, TX and solve other strategic business problems the company was facing.


This project would not have been possible without the help of my fantastic team. 
Many thanks to Sydney Smith, Anna Rash, Sarah Davina, and Lu Shan.
Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Strategy, & Project Management by Melissa Huisman


When I began my Master‘s Degree at UT in 2013, I wouldn’t have identified myself as an artist.
I always knew I was in my heart, but never was brave enough to take the title.
Creating something new and sharing it with the world takes courage, and I spent much time walking in insecurity.

But finally, I put my art on the wall for the world to see.

I created “grow”, an 80 square-foot urban art piece that is made up of bits and pieces of art that I made throughout my two years at UT.
It represents my journey of growth and change. It is a physical manifestation of the confidence that
developed in me as an artist and my fight against insecurity and fear.

Be brave. Make art. Believe in yourself. Grow. 


I couldn't have done this project without the generous help from my team. Many thanks to Gabi Gross, Noah Fiechtner, Adam West, Lyndy Watkins, Candace Bunkley, & Taylor Stanley for their help.
Photos by the talented Corey Ward.



Package Design  |  Branding  |  Print Advertising  |  Photography

Raisin Bran has maintained its status as a household staple for decades, but was in desperate need of a brand update. Outdated and ordinary purple packaging made Post's take on Raisin Bran fade into the cluttered cereal shelves in grocery stores. This rebranding concept aims to revive and reconnect this once-relevant classic with today's generation in a stylish and modern way.


Packaging Refresh


Print Advertising



Photography, Design, Art Direction, Copywriting by Melissa Huisman
Thanks to Jason Cahill for copywriting assistance