No More Shrinking Back


No More Shrinking Back

Owning Our Stories + Walking Confidently

Why do we shrink back? Why do we make ourselves small? Why do we nervously laugh when someone compliments the very thing that we know is one of our superpowers? Why do we get weird when our inner diamonds shine and someone notices us, seeing our truest selves?

Last week I had the joy and total privilege of walking in my first-ever fashion show for the launch of the Frankie Jean spring collection. *insert happy dance from 10-year-old self* The night was absolutely stunning –– the models, the clothes, the ambiance, the attendees, the snacks. It was beautiful. My soul sister Ashley Jo Green (Founder of Frankie Jean) is a total creative genius, + it’s been such a joy to watch this friend blossom into her dream over the past 3 years we’ve known each other. Bravo, my love! 

Though nights of fashion and friends are the absolute best, participating in this event stirred up some deep reflections I felt compelled to share.

I spend most of my time surrounded by brilliant minds, strong women + men, huge-hearted people, and friends that I consider WAY cooler than me. But no matter how accomplished or impressive they legitimately are, I often see the sneaky traces of insecurity woven throughout our interactions. I see my brilliant people shrinking back, making themselves small in the name of “humility” or whatever, or even talking smack about themselves in a casual, sarcastic way.

And it’s not just them: I do it too! The voices in my head are usually way less than casual though, + way more condemning. I’ll harshly chastise myself for simple mistakes, for running 10 minutes late (sorry guys, I’m always late), for simply taking a compliment with a smile + not explaining my success away, for the massive pimple on my forehead, you name it.

FRIENDS! We are made for more than this! We are brilliant, beautiful, magnificent complex created ones with ideas that could change the world flowing through our minds every day. But we must stop shrinking to fear, to insecurity, to sarcasm-fueled false humility. We’ve got to stand up and OWN it. We have people to impact, truth to speak, freedom to unlock. It’s time to own our stories, our strengths, our dreams, + walk with lifted eyes. You in? 💖