Whole30 x 3: Why I'm Doing It Again


Whole30 x 3

Why I’m Doing It Again

I am STRONG and full of LIFE ✨ 
I'm one week through my third Whole30 and I feel stronger than I have in my whole life. (For those who don't know, I've essentially committed to cutting out grains, dairy, added sugar, preservatives, legumes and alcohol from my diet for 30 days). But you know what? It's not really about the food. Like, at all. It's WAY more about taking ownership of my life, and getting some skin in the game.

To be honest, I'm talking paaaainfully honest, I've been living in a state of defeat for at least the past 6 months. I've been in a victim mentality, just surviving and scraping by. Now, don't get me wrong. There's grace upon grace. And I've had my reasons to be down in a pit. But the thing is, for too long, I allowed myself to stay down when I kept getting kicked.

But about a month ago, the tiniest flickering flame in my soul started growing and burning brighter, and my strength began to burn from within. I knew coming into 2018 that this would be a year of STRENGTH, and LIFE, and JOY. And I was ready to rise to the challenge, one tiny practical step at a time.

I decided to do another Whole30 in January to take ownership of my eating choices, a very tangible way to regain control of my daily life, one meal at a time. I also started practicing yoga about a month ago, and I have been wildly surprised by how much I like it, and how much physical and mental strength I've already built through a regular practice. And maybe most importantly of all, I wrote a list of about 40 affirmations -- statements of truth about who I am -- to directly counter the lies I've been succumbing to in my mind. I wrote those things in big bold permanent marker letters, and I taped 4 pages of affirmations to my bathroom mirror. Every morning, I'm looking myself in the face as I recite and declare truth about who I ACTUALLY am and the REALITY of my life and destiny.

Defeat is done. It's time to walk in victory, and to own the strong woman that's always been inside of me. Watch out y'all, because this lioness is arising and the seasons have changed. 🦁